Smart Kitchenware Sterilizer™ | Automatic 30 min Disinfecting Tool for Kitchenware


The Smart Kitchenware Sterilizer comes with two chopping boards and thoroughly disinfects and dries your kitchenware in 30 minutes. Prepare and eat meals with properly sterilized kitchen utensils. 

* The UV intelligent disinfection function provides a high efficiency and deep ultraviolet antibacterial sterilization. Disinfection with UV light kills 99% of bacteria and viruses.

* A simple one-key operation starts a 30 minute sterilization cycle. 

* It comes with 2 color-coded chopping boards to prevent cross-\infection between meats and vegetables.

* The design houses a large capacity with multiple compartments for spoons, forks, knives, scissors and the included chopping boards. The wave knife grid is suitable for all knives.

* The Smart Kitchenware Sterilizer comes with a USB power supply.