Luxury Anti-Theft Fingerprint Lock Business Bag™ | Smart & Stylish Leather Bag with Fingerprint Access


A smart and stylish designed business bag that safely stores your cards, phones and essentials and easily unlocks with your unique finger print. For ultimate security and privacy.


* Using the latest fingerprint recognition technology, the bag is unlocked within 0.5 seconds

* A sleek envelope design with a convenient handhold strap

* Made from quality layer cowhide leather, soft to the touch, clear in texture, beautiful and durable

* Waterproof

* High accuracy of fingerprint recognition, with less than 0.002% false acceptance rate and less than 1% false rejection rate

* Memory capacity for 10 unique fingerprints

* Type-c universal charging interface, low power consumption, full charge can support 2000 switch lock

* USB input for charging